Your software development partners.

Sparkplug works with organizations to build great software through human centered design and fervent execution. We also provide consulting services on projects large & small.

Crafting beautiful software

Sparkplug works with clients to not only build great software but also validate ideas and steer them toward product-need fit. This enables our clients to deliver products and experiences that meet the desired expectations of their customers.

Core Sparkplug Services:

Software Development

Whether you're building a web or mobile app from scratch, extending a product or API, Sparkplug works to produce lean, test-driven code on time and at budget.


  • Paired Development
  • Responsive Web Techniques
  • Cross-platform & Native Mobile
  • DevOps, Backend and Frontend Development

User Experience Design

We love human-centered design at Sparkplug. Empathy and iteration results in a more efficient, satisfying, and user-friendly experience for the user

  • Usability & User-testing
  • Complex Information Architecture
  • Interface Design
  • Engaging Typography

Team Integration

Hiring is tough. Call Sparkplug developers your own, on-site or remotely, to keep the ball rolling or build new functionality in parallel.

  • Bring a fresh set of eyes
  • Sidestep politics with solutions
  • Advocate for best practices
  • Boost long-term velocity

Project Consulting

With 15 years of combined experience building software products, the team at Sparkplug knows a thing or two about making projects succeed.

  • Review your codebase
  • Lead scoping & scoping
  • Advise on testing & metrics
  • Put out that unexpected fire

Additional Sparkplug Services:

Sparkplug helps companies create and improve digital products and services through long lasting and mutually rewarding relationships. We also advise entrepreneurs and foster partnership with early stage startups.

Product Development

Sparkplug loves product design. This gives us the opportunity to learn hands-on how to build and grow innovative and disruptive product and service businesses.

Technology Advisory

Sparkplug advises entrepreneurs and enables investment in early stage startups to form valuable partnerships, and create rewarding opportunities for everybody involved.

Sparkplug Clients

Sparkplug has helped a number of organizations design, build and launch high performance web applications.

Research Transparency International
Clinton Health Access Initiative
Starkey Hearing Foundation
BBOXX Capital
Polo Safaris

Sparkplug is Social

You don’t need prototypes or a business plan to contact Sparkplug. We can work together to figure out what it will take to bring your idea to life. We’re always interested in new projects, big or small. Please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail or give us a call

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